Hi! 🙂

Welcome to RC Nennox Christmas Giveaway!

From 1st till 24th of December, you’ll have a chance to win fun prizes EACH DAY!

Check out Advent calendar on the main site!



What to do to win

Click on the number of the day, fill in the form (at the bottom of this site), share info about the giveaway on your Facebook with @rcnennox and #RCNennoxChristmasGiveaway (it has to be “Public”) and wait 🙂 (for 24 hours tops)

You have to share it only once (or more, if you’d like to help us promote it 🙂 ).

If you are 24th on that day – you won! 🙂

If there is less than 24 people registered – we count from the beginning as many times needed. F.e. if only 16 register, 8th person wins, if 4 – 4th person wins.

Today’s prize comes from

Amain Hobbies!

It’s a 100USD code that you can use on their website! 🙂

Good luck!