It’s finally time to get back to drift. To start drifting, to be exact 😉 On my workbench this time – Sakura D4 RWD from 3Racing (thank you Atees! 🙂 ). I’d like to start with a few words – my knowledge about RC drift is minimal and I’ll learn everything from your comments. Ok – stop talking, start working! I think most of you know how does the Sakura D4 look like 🙂 I’d like to show you pictures from the build in few steps:

#1. Quick unboxing

There was 10 bags in the box – 9 of them labeled with parts and 1 with plastic tools.

#2. First bag – main chassis, front and rear suspension arms

Front suspension is plastic. You can choose from two ways of mounting it – +0 and +10 (that producer suggest).

Rear suspension arms are also plastic and situation is similar – you have two angles to choose from – +10 and recommended +30 (I was a bit surprised while assembling that angle was to much? Shaft turned out to be quite tight…).

#3. Aluminium motor mount, spurgear 33T and pinion 16T, plastic differ…

That’s a bit strange to me… I’m used to offroad rigs, where 90% of drivetrain is metal 😉

First (and I think last) problem came while putting together pinion shaft – one of the mounts didn’t want to get on the cylinder. I used small drill and it got into place, but didn’t make me please at all…


Upper deck, shocks mount (same as chassis – are not plastic-plastic – more like carbon maybe?), upper mount of suspension arm and 92T spurgear.

#5. Steering (plastic with aluminium arms extensions), driveshafts and…

…in the front we have knuckles, what about back?

Steering is very elastic – I’m affraid, if that’s not the first thing, I’m gonna need to upgrade… But it doesn’t change the fact, it looks great 🙂


Front knuckles, upper front suspension arms, nice metal tool, that looks lika a dogbone 😉 and hubs.


Only plastic – battery mount, servo saver and double-sided tape

I skipped this part and went to another step.

#8. Shocks!

Very easy to assembly.

I remember, that when I was putting together my first KIT, assemly of the shocks filled me with fear – until I done it 😉 Since then, shocks and gearbox are my favorite parts to get together when I’m building or upgrading my RCs 🙂

I forgot to add that front and rear springs are different – front are shorter and stiffer than the rear ones.

#9. Bags 8. and 9. – front bumper and body posts.

Very “plastic” wheels with really nice rims, diffuser, gyro mount and plate to put battery behind rear axle.

#10. The set of plastic tools.

And that’s the final effect:

And that’s it for now 🙂 The whole build, despite one downfall, went nice and well – instructions are clear (that’s not as abvious statement, as you may think 😉 ) and I think it’s free of mistakes.

I’m waiting for electronics and body now, and will start to test it.

You’ll find all posts about this project here: SAKURA D4 RWD

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