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22 April 2015
22 April 2015 RC Nennox

I found his channel on YouTube while searching for videos of Ken Block’s HPI Micro RS4 – it was soooo long time ago I don’t even remember when 😀 Since then I watched most of our guest’s videos, exchanged stickers with him and Sandra (sweetworldofs) had a really nice chat with him about spiders (that she doesn’t like very much btw 😉 ).

But getting back to the point – today we have answers to “5 questions to:..” from someone, who have a privilege to leave in a home country of coala bears and wombats 😉 . Someone, who showed on his channel probably more RCs that I’m gonna drive in my whole life, still doesn’t have profile on Instagram….. , is “the demon of speed”, fan of flying RCs and a father of two kiddos, who appear on his channel regularly 🙂 (we couldn’t not mention them on this occasion 🙂 )

I believe you already know, that I’m talking about YouTube most popular RC maniac from Australia – Aussie RC Playground! 😀

  1. How has your RC adventure started and what was your first RC?

My first hobby grade RC was a Tamiya TB-01 Ford Focus Rally and it came as a kit which I had to build. It had a mechanical speed controller and a 2000mah 7.2v battery.

  1. Which RC (that you own or owned) is your favorite?

I’ve had a LOT of RCs in my time, so it hard to narrow it down to one that was a favourite. I guess, my Thunder Tiger ST4 has been a favourite of mine for some time, but I’m really enjoying the ARRMA Typhon, Kraton and Talion as well.

  1. What is your dream RC?

My dream RC…..? Never given this one much thought… I guess, it would have to be something with petrol power. Maybe the Losi 5iveT… Or something along those lines.

  1. What do you like the most in this hobby?

One of the things I’ve enjoyed the most about being the hobby is making new friends. Granted, my channel has helped in that regard also, but just being out driving an RC car or flying a plane and suddenly there’s someone wanting to know more and how they can get one. I’ve had old men come up to me and have a chat, as well as young kids who just want to have a go. This is a great hobby and it’s amazing at how it brings people together.

  1. What are 4 things that you always take on your RC adventures?

Things I take are;

  1. Your tools – NEVER leave home without them. Trust me, I’ve learnt the hard way.
  2. Batteries – lots and lots of batteries.
  3. Spare cars or spare parts – depends on the RC(s) but if you thing something will break, it probably will. Take spares.
  4. Video cameras – creating fun moments with friends and family doesn’t happen too often, so a video camera will keep that memory for ever. Especially with my 2 young kids who will enjoy watching it back in a few years when they’re grown up. Also, capturing that amazing crash on film is always fun to watch back

Check out his profiles on:

Facebook Aussie RC Playground

YouTube Aussie RC Playground

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