5 questions to: Christopher Fisher (Printable RC)

24 February 2016
24 February 2016 RC Nennox

Our today’s guest has two big projects going on right now…

One of them is a collaboration with Tedd Soost (who answered our “5 questions to:..” not so long ago 🙂 ) and it’s called Mad Moose RC. You already know what it’s all about after Tedd’s answers, right? 😉

The second project is Printable RC, that he developed himself 🙂 Such a talented and creative guy, if I may say so! Can’t wait for new awesome RC parts from both of his projects! 🙂

With a great pleasure, we present to you answers to our “5 questions to:..” from one more awesome RC maniac, that came to Sweden from the USA 🙂 We wish to meet him this summer! Ladies and gents – it’s Christopher Fisher! 🙂

  1. How has your RC adventure started and what was your first RC?

When I was in middle school I had a friend buy a Tamiya Grasshopper for Christmas one year. It was the coolest thing to see him build it and then run it around. He even upgraded the 380 motor to a Bolink 540 something or other and it was so much faster! Of course nothing by today’s standards but impressive for the day, to a couple of kids. Soon after that a neighbour got a Tamiya Frog and that was almost too much to bear. Eventually I was able to wrangle together enough money to get my first RC. It was a Tamiya Hornet with an MRC 2 channel stick radio. It was heaven, 10 minutes at a time. The NiCad battery didn’t last too long and took about an hour to charge but those 10 minutes, while they lasted, were fantastic!

That Tamiya Hornet was where my RC adventure began. I was able to eventually pickup other models and try to piece them together in a kind of Frankenstein fashion and they worked….most of the time. Being financially challenged, as most young people are, my RC adventures were dormant for many years and then exploded later on.

  1. Which RC (that you own or owned) is your favorite?

When I was exploring various types of electric, nitro, and gas on/off road kits I eventually picked up the HPI Racing Baja 5B when it was first released. I was already in love with HPI racing products so the price tag was easy for me to swallow. I can’t say the same for my wallet but it did survive the affair. This kit was amazing all around. I was getting 45 to 50 minute, non-stop run times. That was just INSANE! One of the real experience with RC’s comes from being able to actually run them. This kit was truly the most fun for the dollar I had spent to-that-date.

Today though it would have to be my RC4WD Trail Finder 2 that is my favorite RC. I love how scale it looks and how it drives. It has its quirks but then every RC does. I love the run times and how it trails. It will never by “complete” but that is fine with me. It keeps on, keepin on. There are endless possibilities with this truck so I will probably own it for many years to come.

  1. What is your dream RC?

I imagine that this question has to be one of the toughest to answer for most people and it certainly holds no less of a challenge for me. Out of all of the scale ideas that have been swirling around in my head there has been one that has been the strongest for me. For a probably four years now I have been working towards a true scale Land Rover Defender 90 build. Originally I was trying to design my own chassis and scale suspension around the RC4WD Yota axles. The D90 body was a must as well. Much to my happiness RC4WD released their Gelände kit and the it’s successor the G2. It is so much closer to the goal but not quite there.

I want everything on the body to open (and close). I want to create a scale engine bay with rotating pulleys and fan. The suspension should be correct and the front and rear axles should both have offset pumpkins. I thought that a more modern version with no top might be a little different than the stock, boxed setup that most people run. I recently have moved and now have a workshop so I have more of a chance to do more creative, messy work that makes a lot of noise. I find that all of the projects I have been working on over the years has actually been helping me get closer to realizing this dream RC. Of course after this one is all done I will have to choose another one. That is the nature of the beast and also the fun part, one could say. One day. It will be mine. Oh yes! It will be mine!

  1. What do you like the most in this hobby?

I have to say that the interaction with fellow enthusiasts is what I find the most rewarding. Being able to share your passion and work with other people is very fun and other people’s work can be so inspiring! I get to meet so many people that share my interest in the hobby. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the tiny trucks. They are so much fun!

This hobby drives me to always create as much scale detail as possible when working with my trucks. I started with styrene and then worked my way into 3D designs and printing. I found I could create incredible detail and then have that same detail printed and placed in or on my trucks. I began working with a simple 20L Jerry Can and then added a scale Yota dash for my Trail Finder 2. Eventually I realized I could share these creations with the rest of the community and started Printable RC. I now sell my creations on my Shapeways store. It has received a lot of positive feedback and leads me to meet new people all of the time.

One of those people is Tedd Soost with whom, together, we started Mad Moose RC where we are creating bodies of Swedish Military trucks. There seems to be a conspicuous absence of these kinds of tiny trucks around, so we set ourselves to filling that void. In the 1:1 off road crowd there are actually quite an abundance of owners and fans of the Swedish trucks. I guess you could count Tedd and myself among the fans but he also happens owns one. It was the first truck we designed and are prototyping currently. The Volvo Laplander fire truck in the crew cab form. We thought it would be neat if it fit the SCX10 Dingo chassis and wheelbase. So far it is testing nicely and we will be adding more to it soon.

There are so many opportunities that exist in our hobby to explore that lead to new and exciting experiences.

  1. What are 4 things that you always take on your RC adventures?

If I am in the woods near my home then I don’t take anything with me and hope that the truck doesn’t fall apart on me. If I am not near my home then it becomes a little more challenging to decide what to bring and what not to bring. Here are at least four things I bring with me on my RC adventures.
Complete set of nut drivers and hex screw drivers
Extra batteries
Extra receiver
Extra screws and nuts of all sorts that cover the truck I am running
It can get a bit ridiculous, the things we want to take with us on our RC adventures, but it is always a balance between convenience and necessity.

Check out his links:

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