5 questions to: Desmond Mooney

30 November 2016
30 November 2016 RC Nennox

It’s a huge coinsidance that we are posting our today’s guest’s answers, when his tattoo and art place called The White Lotus Tattoo & Art Gallery was opened EXACTLY 10 years ago! 😀

As you know we ask our “5 questions to:..” to RC maniacs from around the world for two years now. We ask all kinds of people – from ones that don’t have any RC social media profiles, to most popular figures in RC community. Some of them we know in person, with some we talk a lot online, with others we first contact when we ask, if they’d like to be part of this series, because we admire their work. In each and every case they are people, that somehow influenced us or we simply think it’d be pretty cool to drive or talk about RC with. It was not different this time.

Our today’s guest is someone, that’s hard to forget. And we don’t mean by that, that he is tall, has great tattoos, long beard and pretty much looks badass. Nah. I think it’s more about his charisma – did you see Pit Bull Tires’ video about Rock Beast XL (CLICK)? Or saw pictures and read their descriptions from his recent trip to Asia? Or with his Daughter (Baby Bear)? Or spiders (not a fan myself, but I admire his passion and must say – seeing those 8-leg creatures pretty often on Fb recently, makes me just a tiny bit less affraid of them. Just a bit.)?

He is most definitely one of the people, that are on top of our list “RC maniacs from very far away that we’d like to drive with” (just kidding – we don’t have a list like that – but you get the idea 😉 ). Other than driving together, it’d be a dream-come-true to get a tattoo from him. Ladies and gents – with a great pleasure we present to you answers to our “5 questions to:..” from mr Desmond Mooney! 😀

  1. How has your RC adventure started and what was your first RC?

My RC Adventure started around 30-35 years ago. A friend of mine growing up had recieved the Tamiya “Frog” kit, After seeing His father build it and My friend have the most fun ever driving it, I was HOOKED,. My 1st Hobby Grade RC was the Tamiya “Hornet”, Ive Since thought about Purchasing a new released version of the kit, Who Knows what will happen…lol

  1. Which RC (that you own or owned) is your favorite?

Thats an Easy Answer, Its My 1off Scratch Built Custom, “Metal Masher” Chevy Truggy Named #GameOver., I commisioned Blake from Metal Masher Customs for this 1 of a Kind ,Tamiya Clod Buster based Scale Crawler laced up with Pit Bull Tires, for Obvious Reasons,…

  1. What is your dream RC?

I Have No Idea,…. My Imagination Never stops, I Keep Dreaming Up New Ideas, Some times I go with them, sometimes I Go off into left field… I Guess Maybe a Newly Rendered version of My 1.1 Rig once thats all finished Agian..

  1. What do you like the most in this hobby?

The People Ive Met, Hands Down!! Over the years, especially the last 10 that Ive been in the Scale Crawler Scene .. Its The Many People Ive Met through My Travels and Work With Pit Bull Tires. Ive Made Great Friends that Ive Met Mini-Truckin!!!!

  1. What are 4 things that you always take on your RC adventures?

1 – My Rigs , ( my transmitter is sometimes optional, ive left that home more times than id like to admit )

2 – Pit Bull Tires ,

3 – Pit Gear, Tools, parts, spare battery

4 – Good Times!!! I Keep it FUN on Adventures, wether its Scale Comps, G-6 Events or Just Trail Riding with My Daughter and Friends, I MAKE IT FUN!!! Gotta Make Memories to last a Life Time!!

Check out his:

Facebook Desmond Mooney

Instagram @desmondmooney

The White Lotus Tattoo & Art Gallery

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