5 questions to: Helios RC (BowHouse RC)

29 June 2016
29 June 2016 RC Nennox

One of our all time favorite custom parts was designed by our today’s guest 🙂

Don’t know what I’m talking about? 😉 Low profile skid for TF2 of course! I love my Trail Finder 2 to pieces, but it was getting stuck on EVERYTHING before. Now it doesn’t stuck on everything 😀 When we got it, it was available on Helios RC Shapeways profile – now it’s on BowHouse RC.

It’s because our today’s guest owns 2 companies now! 🙂 Well known Helios RC is now more into batteries, when BowHouse RC – “parts with form following their function”. As a low skid for example 🙂

With a great pleasure we present to you answers to our “5 questions to:..” from a very creative RC maniac that we are happy to see evolve 🙂 Ladies and gents – Helios RC! [and BowHouse RC 😉 ]

  1. How has your RC adventure started and what was your first RC?

My first RC was a Sears Lobo. I ran it so much until the tires fell off (literally). Once it became apparent that there was no upgrading or fixing, it was time for a hobby grade RC. I got a used Tamiya Monster Beetle with a 2 stick transmitter. Back then it had a mechanical speed control and you had to work on that almost every run. You had to replace the hex shafts every couple weeks.

  1. Which RC (that you own or owned) is your favorite?

This is like asking a parent who their favorite kid is. I’d still probably say that my favorite is my SCX10. I drive that by far the most and it’s the easiest to work on.

  1. What is your dream RC?

Well, I’m working on my dream RC now. Many of my ideal parts aren’t available so I built the axles that I wanted and there are several other parts in the works. I guess my ideal RC is a 1.9 scaler that I have designed or influenced the design of all parts from the ground up.

  1. What do you like the most in this hobby?

I love the people. You find a few people who you automatically click with and they become your closest friends. To go along with that, being a small business I get a ton of satisfaction from making people happy. That’s why I do the business.

  1. What are 4 things that you always take on your RC adventures?

Things I take:

  1. Bug spray
  2. Zip ties
  3. The correct radio for the rig I’m driving (sounds silly, but important)
  4. A deep breath at the start of the run and a deep breath at the end of the run to clear my head.

Check out his:

website www.HeliosRC.com – batteries

Instagram @helios_rc

website www.BowHouseRC.com – parts with form following their function

Instagram @bowhouserc

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