5 questions to: Steeve Guaramonti (@dull.rc_)

9 March 2016
9 March 2016 RC Nennox

Our today’s guest is an owner of one of the best looking Jeep Rubicons in RC community 🙂

And we had a pleasure to see this beauty during Austrian Recon G6 in 2015. Simply stunning! But, as you can check for yourself by going to his Instagram profile, this is not his only rig 🙂

We are really excited for his new project – Jeep (yeah!) for this year’s Recon G6 in.. Italy 😀 Can’t wait to see it there! 😀 And his maker, of course 😉

With a great pleasure we present to you one of our RC friends from Switzerland! 🙂 See you in a few months, buddy! 😀 Ladies and gents – it’s @dull.rc_! 😀

  1. How has your RC adventure started and what was your first RC?

My Rc adventure started with my first rc, it was a kyosho pure ten alfa 3, a 1/10 nitro rally car with a subaru impreza body, the rally one, a very nice car.

  1. Which RC (that you own or owned) is your favorite?

Mmh, hard question haha i owned a hpi 1/8 apache short course truck, i liked so much this rig, i sold it and very regreted it. Now i have my 1/5 gasoline losi five T, such an awsome car, i always wanted one, now i have it, i’ll keep it ahha.

  1. What is your dream RC?

I think my dream Rc is the losi five T, but i have it already so, it’s cool.

  1. What do you like the most in this hobby?

Be creative, make the rig like how you want, there is no specific rules, you do what you want, also go outside with my friends, it’s awsome to run your rig with other guys, share some tips and tricks, talk about the hobby etc

  1. What are 4 things that you always take on your RC adventures?

I didn’t take 4 things, i always taking a lot of spare parts with me ahah links, c-hub, knuckles, screws etc at the 2015 recong g6 at Erzberg, Austria, i carried my back bag with, i think, 4kg of parts and batteries, just to be sure that if I break something on my rig i had some spare ahah

Check out his:

Instagram @dull.rc_

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