5 questions to: Tedd Soost (Mad Moose RC)

20 January 2016
20 January 2016 RC Nennox

It seems like we have luck with getting to know very creative RC fanatics from the US… that live in Sweden 😉

When did I first get to know our today’s guest? You may think, that when he sent his picture for our 1st Birthday/Christmas contest 😉 But it’s not true 😀 I actually saw video of his PTO Honcho build way back. Just needed to put name and build together 😉

He started his RC adventure way back in the 80’s and since then grow to be half of Mad Moose RC – a duo, that have some pretty cool RC ideas and projects up their sleeves 🙂 Believe me – they know what they are doing and I can’t wait to see in real life and put my hands on some of their stuff 🙂

With a great pleasure we present to you answers to our “5 questions to:..” from someone, that share his RC passion with his kids and who we wish to meet for the first time this summer 🙂 It’s Tedd Soost from Mad Moose RC! 😀

  1. How has your RC adventure started and what was your first RC?

My RC adventure actually started when I was 10 growing up outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My best friend Eric Paul had gotten a Tamiya Wild Willy for Christmas and I was sold! As soon as I got home I told my parents I wanted one too! ”Get a job!” was the answer I got… HAHA! Fortunately the local newspaper delivery route for my neighborhood had just opened up and I got the job. Snow, sleet and rain didn’t keep me from delivering the morning papers at 6 AM 7 days a week! It was Spring 1986 and The Monster Beetle was my first love! Followed shortly there after by a Williams F1, a first generation Mini-Z Testarossa, a boat, a glider and even a Kyosho Honda NSR 500 motorcycle I bought in Tokyo Japan when I was a summer exchange student. (If anyone knows where I can get a hold of the original Kyosho motorcycle parts please contact me)

  1. Which RC (that you own or owned) is your favorite?

Hard question to answer, they all have a special place in my heart. But it would be my current Axial SCX10 with Spawn body and PTO. From the beginning it was a Honcho until it got a TOTAL overhaul! I gutted it and rebuilt the entire drivetrain. The only stock parts were the frame and axles. I fitted it with RC4WD’s R2 Tranny with Dig, an 1:1 Titan transferase, S.D.I. propeller shafts, and an engageable PTO (Power Take-Off) in the rear bumper.
http://soost.photoshelter.com/gallery/Studio/G0000HdufE2y_xv0/C0000tbwHiJJb8gs The PTO and powered trailer idea actually come from my 1:1 1969 Volvo Tgbrandbil 921 (a former Swedish Military firetruck) AKA Volvo Laplander.

  1. What is your dream RC?

My dream RC has actually been in the works for a long time now. It IS however a reality VERY soon! Anyone following my #MadMooseRC Instagram account has probably seen it. My dream is a an RC version of my Volvo firetruck. The PTO Honcho (now Spawn) has been the prototype for the dream build. Stay tuned! 🙂

  1. What do you like the most in this hobby?

What I like most about the hobby has to be the advancement of the hobby some 27 years after buying my Monster Beetle. All of the small manufacturers and hobbyists that create amazing scale items, parts and bodies means there are limitless possibilities! Without RC4WD and their help and support my PTO build wouldn’t have been possible. I love the challenge of building and creating vehicles that haven’t been done, like my PTO build. My Frankenstein builds started already as a kid. I had my glider for about a week when it took a hard crash breaking the wings. I couldn’t stand the thought of throwing it out so it was gutted, flipped upside-down and the rear tail section cut off. The cockpit became the housing for the motor and wheels from the Williams F1. The plane’s tail section got the front of the Williams giving me my first Top-Fuel drag car. It was really cool! It was even cooler after I stripped the pinion gear and I outfitted the build with my brother Estes ”Mosquito” model rocket.

  1. What are 4 things that you always take on your RC adventures?

My adventures wouldn’t be complete without my small tools, zips ties, extra driveshaft screws and my kids with their RC cars.

Check out his:

website (build in progress) www.madmooserc.com

Instagram @MadMooseRC

Facebook Mad Moose RC

YouTube Tedd Soost

(Mad Moose RC channel is on the way!)

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