photo: welna79 (Staszek)

Our today’s guest is a person, that we know for few years now and met during one of’s competitions.

He organized last comp that we took part in, in Kaszuby. It was his third time and we had so much fun! The place was great, as always, and this time he even was able to book good weather for Sunday, which is unusual for his events 😉

He is a great constructor, true RC maniac at heart and all in all a very nice person – he always has something positive to say and when you talk to him, you feel he cares about what you are saying. That is not so common this times, unfortunately.

With a great pleasure we present to you answers to our “5 questions to:..” from someone, that we hope will organize comp also next year, that we know is waiting for September to come to RECON G6 to Bałtów and that we are pretty sure will bring there his tent 😉 Ladies and gentleman – welna79 aka Staszek! 😀

1. How has your RC adventure started and what was your first RC?

Adventure started, when I accidentally found a video from rc-trial competition on YT. Watching struggles of scale trucks and offroad rigs drew me completely. I was totally shocked, that there is so many maniacs around me (that’s how I call a group of constructors and builders of those beauties, that are able to take them on the other side of the country and drive on tracks just for two days).

I was looking for sites and contact to anyone that participate in these competitions and that could tell me something more about the hobby.

This way I got in contact with Radzik – what a great guy! He was the person that told me what I needed and why, and ordered parts and my first RC for me – Dakar Kamaz.

With growing knowledge, thanks to the forum, I started the build of my first truck. Unfortunately my dream is frozen – project is not finished – there’s about 25-30% work left to be finished. My first RC that I built was a truggy Defender D90.

2. Which RC (that you own or owned) is your favorite?

I could say – all of them.

Each that was or will be built.

I put a lot of time in building RC (I have a feeling I need endless amounts of it and I’m the slowest in the world – all of the building – thinking, imagining all the parts, planning what and where will be put, and than cutting, bending, grinding and assembly. And with this work of mind and physics, a bond appear, my huge sympathy for what I’m building. I like it, that’s for sure 🙂

I like Defender very much – he evaluated a few times, from truggy to pickup version – great machine.

In parallel, I was building custom Icon Bronco – in this model I focused on details and making it as accurate to the original as possible. You can fall in love with it by looking at handmade body and polystyren interior.

But during rc-trial competitions I drive sun-color Wrangler Rubicon – he is one big adventure. Not only looking at it, going through tracks, but also an adventure “Will he make it? What will break this time? 😀”

3. What is your dream RC?

Each RC, that comes to my mind 😀

I dream to finally end what I started:

I’m like a kid – I see something on the road, in action, on the internet and my imagination starts projecting – plan of realization starts, I leave the last realization behind and start new one.

I have over a dozen dream projects, that I’d like to build, and at least five started on the workbench – those dream ones 🙂

Maybe it’ll be Dakar Kamaz and Daihatsu Taft F55 – but it’s hard to tell what will come to my mind on the way.

4. What do you like the most in this hobby?

Most definitely building. It’s amazing how calming is making a project, putting it together, soldering, grinding c-sections, flats, tubes and other metals and materials 😀

For some fans of KIT and RTR RCs it may be strange, but bulding is something that allow me to concentrate on one thing, calm down, work on patience, focus, consistency and fight stress, because I never suffered from boredom or inactivity – I have non stop ADHD hehe

5. What are 4 things that you always take on your RC adventures?

You mean – what 4 things not to take to the meetings 😀

Each time I have car full of everything. I’m just ready as if I was moving 🙂

But I always try to have with me:

  • positivity and cheerful attitude – I may give some of that to someone or infect permanently with it.
  • coffee percolator for espresso with all portable equipment – good coffee is never bad 🙂
  • two RCs and tons of spare parts
  • and, of course, good sleeping bag is a key for sleeping in the nature 🙂