Let’s take a look at Axial Racing’s new baby – SCX10 II! First step – AXLES.


The ones in SCX10 II are way slimmer and more realistic looking than from “old” SCX10.

I think that one-piece axle housing (as in Vaterra or AR60) and removable diff cover are nice ideas.

One of the changes – new gears. 8T pinion gear and 30T spur gear. Both made of hardened steal. Another thing – locker. Before, it was an aluminium element in plastic housing, and that lead to looseness. Here we have only one piece, screwed directly to spur gear.


Hi-pion gears – driveshaft connects to axle not in the middle of the gear, only a bit higher. Thanks to that, it’s angle is smaller. That also means that links protect it’s mount.


Steering angle is more than “nice” 😉 Sorry Vaterra – you don’t have the best steering angle now (straight from factory I mean). Axial “caught up” the angle that we got in #TheMightyHoncho and #ProjectG6 using RCBros.com burly tubes and C-hubs from AR60 axles.

Lower links and shocks mounts are separate pieces that you screw to the axle (as in AR60 axles). But upper links mount is an intergral piece of the housing.

What else can we tell you about these axles?20

  1. You can’t mount servo on the axle.. boo hoo.. (you could on the “old” SCX10’s axles)
  2. Clearance is great! 😀
  3. They are really nice to build. Except the part when you need to screw them.. Will write more about it in upcoming posts.
  4. They are very quiet.

In my opinion axles are a big advantage of SCX10 II over SCX10. I’m really curious how they will work on the trail – how strong they are and if smaller diff housing will make a difference.

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