This post was originally published on on October 12th, 2013

Winter is coming, so it’s the perfect moment to get an RC, that can deal with snow 🙂 Welcome to Axial SCX10 Honcho unboxing!

Intercom woke us up very early that Saturday morning. It was unusual, but ok, because we were waiting for a package impatiently. Can’t say that was taking long to deliver, because that wouldn’t be true, but we couldn’t wait anyway. As most of the RC stuff that we were buying were for me, this time the main part of the package was for S 🙂 Surprised? 😉

The thing we couldn’t wait for the most was Axial SCX10 Honcho. S is not into drift, but driving through bumpy terrain and climbing rocks got her attention. Why did we choose this RC? Because we are really into watching RC Sparks videos on YouTube. Literally – we’re watching them almost every day. Even if Medic is only “gardening” on it 😉 Sometimes (not often enought!) Jem appears on the screen. And Jem has Axial SCX10 Honcho named Pinky 😉

And there are even RC Sparks stickers!!! 😀

Batteries were not included, so we bought them separately. Unfortunately battery connectors were different than the ones in the car… Fortunately we have Xmodel RC store nearby, so problem was solved pretty fast 😉

We had plans to make a video of the unboxing, but at the end decided there is no chance we’re gonna do it better than Medic 😉 That’s why I’m posting his video below 🙂

Besides Axial, we also bought a battery charger, another battery (for what? You’ll know next week ;), servo and radio.

Aaaaaaaaand I think that’s it 🙂 At the end check out two short vids from Honcho’s first walk – as soon as we get better (cold…) we’re gonna go on a longer adventure and I’ll post vids from that on my YouTube channel for sure. Stay tuned!