WB8 on top / WB8-HD on the bottom

A few weeks ago my brother bought himself an Axial SCX10 Deadbolt and because he doesn’t have much experience with RCs (yet ;)) I’m the one that became his main mechanic 😉 And thanks to that I had a chance to make this comparison.

First difference

between WB8 and WB8-HD is that the first one has 2 elements, that goes one into another, while the second has 3 elements – the middle one goes inside the two external. Perks of this solution is that the middle element can be made stronger (with thicker sides) and thanks to that it should be more twist-and-snap-proof, than before.

WB8 on top / WB8-HD on the bottom
Second difference

the size and construction of couplers. In WB8-HD the pinion (and the whole part actually) is much bigger (and that’s good), but I’m not sure about the whole idea of making it the opposite way, with pinion under the ring that isn’t held by the shaft. I also don’t understand the “crown-looking” retainer ring. On one side (gearbox) it looks like “crown”, because the regular ring wouldn’t fit, and on the other side of the driveshaft is just a ring… If the sides were the “old” way, there would be no need for that.

The other thing I worry about is that WB8-HD has different screw shafts in coupler (M4 – which as far as I know is not often used in 1:10 scale), so if you lose it while on trail, there is no chance to replace it with one that f.e. holds the front bumper (I needed to do that few times at sweetworldofs’ Honcho and it was a life saver).

WB8 on the left / WB8-HD on the right

If you asked me, I would say that I like the “old ones” better. Maybe it’s because I have them in all my offroad RCs, including TF2 😉 I understand that something need to be changed once in a while, but in my opinion, the main problem that should be solved, was that WB8 could twist (what never happened to me by the way). So why not make that part work better (maybe the way from WB8-HD) without changing the couplers? Or making couplers bigger without changing the technology? It’s quite new solution, so time will tell which one is actually better. And of course time when I change my mind may come one day 😉

If you have any opinions and experience with those driveshafts – comment on this post. I don’t know everything – maybe there is a good, technical reason, why WB8-HD are made in “the new way” 🙂 Let me know!

ps Don’t get me wrong – I’m a big fan of Axial, planning to make my new project on one of Axial’s cars. This post is not about which one driveshaft set is better or worse, only about showing the differences between them. I’ve thought that maybe I’ll learn something new about them from you thanks to that 🙂

Hopefully I’m gonna be able to “steal” Deadbolt from my brother soon, because I have another part in mind, that I’d like to write about 😉