From the very beggining of our offroad RC adventure, we heard many opinions about using axle skid plates – some people say it’s just a gadget, some won’t drive without them 😉

When I was searching for a set for myself, they usually were thick and didn’t look great. But when we’ve seen those for the first time on Mauro‘s rig, we thought they are pretty awesome 🙂

What makes them different is that they are not heavy-looking and don’t protect only the center part of the axle, but also cover part of the driveshaft, what is great.

When Axials get stuck on something, that’s usually because of the big center part of the axle. With this skid plate it doesn’t happen – rig just slides from the obsticles 🙂

Putting them on is really easy – need to use 4 original screws of diff cover and it’s done! 🙂

If you are interested in getting set for yourself, contact Torben via email or Facebook 🙂