If you think, that they are blingy just by looking at the pictures – you ain’t seen nothing yet 😉

It’s pretty obvious, that this design is not for everyone. Not all RC maniacs out there want to have so bright, golden rims, that take all the attention off of the rig. But they are not just a gadget – they are pretty nicely designed rims!

First of all – they are very easy to put together. No matter on what type of tire – drift, rally or offroad – as you’ll see on the next pictures (or video), they fit great 🙂

“Inspired by one of the most venomous snakes in the wilderness, KRAIT™ is designed to attack the most challenging, rugged, and difficult terrains imaginable.”

Another interesting thing – they are very light (a bit over 60g each). So if you are looking for something totally different than f.e. awesome, but heavy Gmade SR02 or SR03 rims – you might get interested in KRAIT.

“Designed to be lightweight and durable, the KRAIT™ Beadlock Wheels provide the scale looks and performance needed to bring you ahead of the pack.”

If you are not into gold, there’s another option – gun metal. And 2 other designes:

photo: Boom Racing
“The new KRAIT™ Beadlock Wheels 1.9 comes with our new Padlock™ Wheel design. Wideners are secured by three bolds to eliminate play between hub and widener. The KRAIT™ features a one-piece 0mm hub design with the face of the wheel. You do not need to get separate wheel hubs. These are extremely light, strong and fast wheels.”

Wanna know our opinion about BoomRacing KRAIT rims? We like they are light, we like they are easy to put together, we like they work with different kinds of tires so well. We are only not sure about their looks, as they are pretty characteristic (in gold). But hey! It’d be boring, if everything was the same 🙂

What’s Included [on Atees.com]:

  • Four Beadlock Wheels With One-Piece Wheel and Hub Design
  • Four Wheel Center Caps
  • Four +8mm Offset Wideners
  • Hardware


  • Color: Gold
  • Product weight: 348.00 grams
  • Factory description: Miscellaneous All Krait™ 1.9 Venomous Aluminum Beadlock Wheels with +8mm Widener (4) by Boom Racing
  • Manufactured by Boom Racing
  • Manufacturer number: BRW780902

Parts we used:

Venomous KRAIT™ 1.9 Aluminum Beadlock Wheels with +8mm Wideners (4) Gold (PART: #BRW780902GD on AsiaTees.com)

Drift Tire – Ansmann Racing
Rally Tire – #4468 – PIRELLI T RALLY TIRE 26mm S COMPOUND (2pcs)
Offroad Tire – PIT BULL GROWLER AT/Extra 1.9 R/C Scale Tires // 2 Stage Foam from Pitbull Tires

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