It’s been a while since I made any major upgrades in my #ProjectG6 .

One of the main issues with Axial chassis is that it’s steering angle is not very impressive. There is some ways to make it better – we’ve decided to use Brass Burly Beef Splined Tubes, that was kind enough to send us.

As you can see on the pictures, we also needed some more parts such as XR10 Front Universal Set and some bearings (full list at the end of the post), that provided us with. Thanks guys! 🙂

I chose this option over Stock AX/SCX Width Burly Splined Tubes (the shorter verison of’s tubes), as I wanted to make my #ProjectG6 a bit wider to prevent him from rolling over so often. We are thinking of putting the other option into Sandra’s The Mighty Honcho. They need a bit more work and skills, but I think we can manage 😉

As I said above – those ones require less work – you just need to drill a few holes (to be able to mount your XR60 C-hubs and knuckles) and put the axles together with all new parts.

It is really a piece of cake:

  1. open your front axle (or take new one)
  2. carefully put the bearing into the end of the burly tube – it’s gonna fit very tightly, so keep that in mind!
  3. put the burly tubes inside the axle housing – make sure it line up with the stock holes at the ends
  4. put together you axle as usual
  5. put on the locking collars that were in the burly tubes package
  6. put together front universal set, C-hubs and knuckles and mount them on the axle
  7. to make it secure you’re gonna need to drill a hole at the end of the burly tubes that’s outside the axle – put your steering set at the right position, mark the right spot and drill with 2,5mm and than tap for M3 screw
  8. now you need to make steering links (or buy a set 😉 )
  9. and voila! It’s done 🙂

To make the rear axle fit with the front one, I needed to use 14mm wideners. These ones are from Boomracing.

What are the results?

  • Steering angle increased from around 25°, to 40°.
  • Axle width (hex – hex) from 190mm, to 220mm.

And #ProjectG6 stick to the ground amazingly 🙂

You can see changes below – before vs after.

Parts we used:

Brass Burly Beef Splined Tubes from

High Performance Rubber Sealed Bearing 5x11x4mm x2 (PART: #BBZMR1152RS on

High Performance Ball Bearing Rubber Sealed 10x15x4mm x2 (PART: #BBZ67002RS on

XR10 C Hub Carrier Set (PART: #AX/AX-80062 on

XR10 Steering Knuckles Set (PART: #AX/AX-80061 on

Aluminum Wheel Widener (4) (Offset: +14mm) Black [Recon G6 The Fix Certified] (PART: #BRSCX46BK on

Flange Pipe 3×4.5×5.5 (4 Psc) (PART: #AX/AX-30450 on

Front Universal Set (2pcs) (PART: #AX/AX-30563 on

and some screws from this set: Screws Combo Set With Tool Box (PART: #BRSCXCOMBO5 on

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