Aluminium scale car lift 1:10 by Team DC

A great way to make your scale garage look even more realistic is to put a car lift in it. In our opinion this one is noteworthy for sure! If we had to find something that’s missing in this scale car lift (except the fact that it’d be pretty awesome if it was electric 😉 ), we’d choose 4 screws n the base – 2 on each side. Other than that it’s pretty much great for onroad RCs. Some offroad rigs may be to heavy for this construction. Size: 34,6cm x 36,8cm x 17,5cm (width x hight x depth) 26,6cm between mountings of the arms 1,5cm hight of the base (red and black element on the highest point) PARTS WE USED: Aluminum Scale Automotive Car Lift for 1/10 RC Red (part: #DC/DC-50073 on Post brought to you by:

1/100 Scale Honcho from Helios RC

When we were ordering Low profile skid for my TF2 from Helios RC, we also put in the card a 1/100 scale Honcho for Sandra (as she is CRAZY about her #TheMightyHoncho 🙂 ). I’m not gonna lie – we are suckers when it comes to scale accessories! And this tiny rig is like a cherry on top of a sundae 😀 As you can see, Honcho was not enough 😉 We also needed a scale box and radio, to match tiny RC. Maybe printing of the box is not amazing, but still – it looks great in a scale garage 🙂 PARTS WE USED: Honcho 1/100 Scale by Helios RC (you can find it here -> Helios RC Shapeways) 1/100 Miniature Cardboard Axial Honcho Box (PART: #TSH/SRW-BOX07 on Axial Style Radio Transmitter (PART: #TSH/TSH-TX01 on Post brought to you by: