Gmade KOMODO #4 Frame

Yes – to put it together you need screws and nuts. And YES – I still love this solution 🙂 Other thing that I like is how well made the parts of this frame are and that it’s chrome, not black. Looking really nice thanks to that. As you can see shock mount has only one hole, so Gmade gives us only one way to mount the shocks. Does it really matter? We’ll see. As I said – screws and nuts 😉 What do you think of this box for electronics? 🙂 I think the fact it looks like an engine is very cool 😀 At first I was a bit dissapointed, that space for battery is in the back. But when I put one in, it turned out, that it’s not that bad as the battery lay quite low. Need to drive for a bit to decide if I’m…

Gmade KOMODO #3 Driveshafts, links and skid plate

After short break, we are back with another part of Komodo build 🙂 The main part of the driveshafts is made of plastic and can be mounted only one way. They are made slightly different than the ones I knew till now and they are put together with c-clips. What I like about them is the fact, they are thick and look very solid. Links are made of aluminium and have metal balls (?) in ball joints (correct me if I named it wrong 😉 ). Links have 7mm in diameter (for comparison – Axial SCX-10 ones have 6mm). As with the gearbox, screws and nuts are needed to mount links onto the skid plate. I really like this solution 🙂 Post brought to you by:

Project G6 – Upgrade #3 – Rock sliders from BPC Chassis

Before starting the build of #ProjectG6, when I wasn’t sure yet, which Axial rig will be a base of it, I was sure, it’s gonna have these rock sliders from BPC Chassis 🙂 Why them? Because they looked good, their shape and material they are made of suggested that they are gonna do their job well and be heavy. And fortunately I was right 🙂 I was surprised how heavy and solid they were when I took them out of the box. Assembly was not hard – I only needed to unscrew the stock ones and put the new ones in the same place. *BPC Chassis makes their rock sliders in two sizes – Narrow and Wide. I believe I have them in “Narrow” version 😉 Post brought to you by:

Project G6 – Upgrade #1 – WARN winch & RC4WD bumper

As I wanted to have a winch in this project, I’ve decided to change the front bumper from plastic to metal one. My choice was “TOUGH ARMOR STUBBY FRONT BUMPER TO FIT AXIAL SCX10” from RC4WD, as it fits the winch I wanted perfectly 🙂 And looks pretty good, too 😉 I also wanted to have a rear bumper, so I made some cutting on the “old” front bumper as you can see below. I also had to make two more holes to be able to fit it better in the back. I think it looks really nice 🙂 After adjusting bumpers, there was time for the winch and winch’s control unit (that I had to order from other place, as CKRC had it out of stock. Fortunately our good buddy Martin from RC Bitz had it :D). I wanted this exact winch as it has it’s counterpart in 1:1…

Project G6 #4 Gearbox & frame

The last “stock build post” – Project G6 gearbox and frame! 🙂 Sigh… Yeah… I know… The slipper pad is on the wrong side at this picture… The original Axial tires (Maxxis) are put on the rims only to show how the rig looks, when it’s ready – I’m not gonna keep them. I’m gonna show you what wheels Project G6 gonna ride on in one of the future posts 😉 Stay tuned! Post brought to you by: