Gmade KOMODO – our new project! #1 Axles

As many of you already know, we have a pleasure to build a new project 🙂 This time it’s a brand new KOMODO from Gmade! #ProjectG6 is driving on their rims (SR02 and SR03 – depends on which tires I choose), so when there came a chance to build Gmade’s new offroad rig, there was no question if we’re gonna do it 🙂 As usual, we’re gonna show you steps of the build and write a few words about each step. This time it’s all about the axles. This is what we found in the first bag, with axle parts. If there is something we don’t like about the way Gmade pack parts is fact, that when you end building f.e. axles, you are left with many parts, that you’re gonna need in next steps. It’s not a big problem of course, but at one point we run out of…

Project G6 #1 Axles

I’m not gonna write about the whole process of “Project G6 axles build”, as I believe most of you saw Axial’s axles build more than once on youtube – just show you on pictures, how I did it and how I protect axles from water. Remember to check if they work just fine right after you put them together! If you don’t, and something is not right, you risk ruining them faster, than you think! Post brought to you by: