Gmade KOMODO #3 Driveshafts, links and skid plate

After short break, we are back with another part of Komodo build 🙂 The main part of the driveshafts is made of plastic and can be mounted only one way. They are made slightly different than the ones I knew till now and they are put together with c-clips. What I like about them is the fact, they are thick and look very solid. Links are made of aluminium and have metal balls (?) in ball joints (correct me if I named it wrong 😉 ). Links have 7mm in diameter (for comparison – Axial SCX-10 ones have 6mm). As with the gearbox, screws and nuts are needed to mount links onto the skid plate. I really like this solution 🙂 Post brought to you by:

Project G6 #2 Driveshafts & shocks

First step – driveshafts. Fortunately they are “the old type” (WB8) and I don’t have to change anything, as I like them better than “the new type” (WB8-HD). REMEMBER! It’s important to hold both couplers of the driveshaft the same way, while putting the driveshaft together. What I mean is to look at the pins at both ends – they should be in parallel position, so the whole driveshaft works smoothly 🙂 It will work either way, but you’ll notice the difference 🙂 Second step – shocks. I really like putting them together 🙂 As you can see – all of the parts are stock. But not for long, not for long… 😉 Post brought to you by:

Axial driveshafts – WB8 vs WB8-HD

A few weeks ago my brother bought himself an Axial SCX10 Deadbolt and because he doesn’t have much experience with RCs (yet ;)) I’m the one that became his main mechanic 😉 And thanks to that I had a chance to make this comparison. First difference between WB8 and WB8-HD is that the first one has 2 elements, that goes one into another, while the second has 3 elements – the middle one goes inside the two external. Perks of this solution is that the middle element can be made stronger (with thicker sides) and thanks to that it should be more twist-and-snap-proof, than before. Second difference the size and construction of couplers. In WB8-HD the pinion (and the whole part actually) is much bigger (and that’s good), but I’m not sure about the whole idea of making it the opposite way, with pinion under the ring that isn’t held…