Gmade AR08 wheels

First post of Toyota LC70 6×6 +2 project! 🙂 We may start a bit unusual – from the rims. I’m retty sure you won’t be surprised they are from Gmade, as we really think their beadlocks look and work great (we have SR02 and SR03 for years now). You may be surprised though, that we didn’t choose PBXRC’s tires. The reason is simple – there is no Pit Bull Tires this small in 1.9. Simple (and a bit sad). As these rims are AR series, they obviously differ from SR. The difference, other than they are in totally different style, is that you “can see through them”. Through the holes, not material they are made of, just to be clear. We’ve chosen AR08 GM70474, which means that they have 6 lugs. There is also version with 5 (GM70484). Specs: Width: 23mm Diameter: 48mm (1.9inch) Offset: ZERO Hex size: 12mm What…

Project G6 – Upgrade #2 – Pitbull tires & Gear Head beadlock rims

It didn’t take me to much time to decide what tires I should choose for #ProjectG6 because Sandra (sweetworldofs) got pretty nice set last year. And as she was able to drive in every terrain, I was sure there are no other tires I want for #ProjectG6 more than these ones. If it comes to rims – just look at them 🙂 My only problem was to decide which style will fit it best.. As you can see on the pic above I’ve chosen Pitbull Tires (ROCK BEAST 1.9 SCALE RC TIRES W/2 STAGE FOAM) and Gear Head rims (Gear Head RC 1.9 Hammer Five Spoke Beadlock Wheels). As I wrote earlier – those tires are great. Their name says it all – they work brilliantly on rocks (I drove Sandra’s Honcho in Sweden last year and as you may know they have some cool, rocky places there :D). Sand…