Chevelle SS matt finish with satin stripes

14 November 2020
Posted in Projects
14 November 2020 RC Nennox

I really enjoy painting RC bodies. Don’t do this to often, as I don’t really have space for it, but when there is an interesting project – I’ll always find a way 😉 What I liked about this one, other than that it’s a beautiful car, was the fact, that it’s owner wanted it to be “very matt with satin stripes”. He said “put as many layers as you need to make it look good”. I used almost 2 cans of green paint + a lot of matt finish one. It was worth all the time and effort – just look at it! 🙂 (modesty, I know.. I know..)

ps I really. Really. REALLY hate painting stripes on cars.. But I’ll do it again in the future for sure 😉 We need to fight our demons, right? 😉



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