After almost a year of driving on stock wheels, it’s time to buy beadlock rims and new tires for The Mighty Honcho.

We didn’t want to spend to much money, so we’ve decided to buy good tires (Pit Bull Tires ROCK BEAST® R/C 1.9 Scale Tires) and not very expensive rims. But when rims wouldn’t fit without buying new inside ring, sweetworldofs changed her mind and decided to buy something that she really liked…

…and she has chosen Gear Head RC 1.9 UTE Wheels with Delrin Beadlock Rings. I was a bit sceptical at the beginning. because we were talking about metal rims, but when they arrived I’ve changed my mind, because they look great and the quality is really good. And they are very nice to assemble (small jar of Vicks works perfectly as a support while screwing parts together 😉 ).

S didn’t like the uncovered screw in the middle (and she was worried that it would rust to fast), so I’ve cut original Axial hub covers so they would fit..

..and I think it turned out pretty good actually.

S is driving on this set of wheels for few months now and she loves it. We had a chance to test it on Swedish rocks and it worked without any problems. The tires are nice and soft and we put only one of two foams in each of them (the bigger one), because S’ Honcho is not very heavy and it would be to stiff with both of them.

PS If you don’t know who S (sweetworldofs) is from my pics on Instagram you should know, that she is one of the best drivers on our Warsaw Weekend Meetings, so she can tell a difference, when I change something in her RC 😉