Let’s take a look at new Gmade’s project – GS02 chassis 🙂

As we are happy owners of GS01 (Komodo) and GR01 (GOM), and few sets of wheels and shocks, we can say without a doubt, that we are Gmade fans. And we are not the only ones – we use our Komodo not only to drive it by ourselves, but also to “infect” others with love to RC (with great success I must say) 🙂 But even though we have sentiment to this company, we’ll try to keep it cool and share with you our first thoughts about GS02.

We’re gonna start with the first thing that you see when you look at this rig – body. It looks really nice, like old Ford (or Chevy). You can also see front shocks immidiately, but rear are hidden in the frame, what make us think that maybe next body will be a pickup with deep bed? Time will tell. 😉 It is a great option for people that make their RC bodies by themselves – problem of going around rear shocks mount is gone. Big plus when it comes to looks, the question is how it works and how they can be regulated.

Gearbox/transfer case

First and most important thing, that is changed in comparison with GS01 and shows the trend is more and more popular – it can be upgraded to two speed. I think it starts to be a standard option these days. Is it really needed? I think it’s a topic for another conversation. Second thing – Gmade added slippery clutch (yes!), that helps prevent twisting parts of drivetrain. 🙂 I’ll add one more thing in this part – motor is in the front and pretty high, but still lower than in f.e. MST CFX.

Axles and driveshafts

We can’t be silent about it – axles look VERY similar to the Axial SCX10 II ones. The big difference is fact, that in front axle diff housing is not in the middle, which will help on obstacles. Interesting solution is the angle of diff cover, but putting driveshaft’s mount in the axle housing is a ridiculous idea (as in Ascender, what pisses most Vaterra owners off). Why?…

As we are talking about driveshafts – they turn in the opposite direction, which is an interesting novelty. Why Gmade chose to do it? I have two theories – to “push down” the rig to the obstacle and/or avoid torque twist (that I didn’t see in GS01).


And at the end, I have a question – does this RC reminds you of something? To be more specific – do some elements look similar to ones in other manufacturer’s projects? 😉

Of course in present times it’s hard to avoid similarities and using same options by different companies. So in GS-02 we have – front shocks mount and battery mount as in SCX10 II, rock sliders look a lot like the ones in TRX4 (which look very similar to SCX10 II ones). 😉 Axles, the way links are mounted and knockles, besides shifted diff housing, we also have seen before.

Right now there is mix of options on the market and it’s hard to make something unusual that works. Will shifted diff housing and rear shocks put Gmade in front of the race? Time will tell. We keep our fingers crossed for success of this chassis and will be happy to take a close look at it as soon as possible. 🙂