Komodo’s gearbox has a few differences in comparison to ones I had in my hands before. The biggest one is fact, it doesn’t have slippery clutch. You can find this solution also in Sawback and R1 Rock Buggy, so I believe Gmade knows what he’s doing 😉

Spur gear is one of the 3 gears inside the gearbox, what is also new to me.

I used the same grease (“gear grease”) as in axles – just like producer suggested 🙂

To put gearbox together you need screws and nuts – holes ar not threaded. It’s the same with screwing it to the plate. You may need a bit more patience, but personally I think it’s brilliant.

komodo gearbox

I really like the fact that the motor plate is a part of gearbox housing. Thanks to that you can take the motor out of the rig and put back without wasting time to put gears back in the right position. It also makes the hole element more compact (no big spur gear outside the casing).

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