New Project’s Body Sneak Peek

Parts on the pictures / Części na zdjęciach: AJ30006 Skull Face Grill & Mount (Knight Customs) AJ40011 Halo Light Bucket Set (Knight Customs) AX04038 Jeep® Wrangler Rock Racer Body – .040” (Clear) – Body Only...


5 questions to: RC Nerds

If you have ProLine Toyota Hilux body and didn’t see our today’s guest’s accessories for it yet, we really don’t know where you have been for the last few weeks! He is not only...


HobbyWing QuicRun WP-1080 Crawler Brushed ESC

After long time driving mostly on Tekin, we thought it would be nice to try out more budget-friendly esc for trail rigs/crawlers. As of now we believe this HobbyWing crawler-dedicated esc is a really...