Strada TC Evo rally.


Maverick Strada TC Evo rally project #1

When we first started our adventure with rally RC, we chose Tamiya TT01 – as it was cheap (and on sale 😉 ) and we only wanted to check, if it’s gonna be fun. It was 🙂 That’s why we’ve decided to build another rig, also on a budget, but a bit different. Our choice was Maverick Strada TC Evo. It is a touring car, so we had to make some adjustment, to change it into a rally rig. One of the most important things in rally is ground clearance. As you can see on these pictures, it’s not spectacular (11mm), but there is an easy way, to change that. It is as easy as cutting out 6 pieces of plastic – 4 tabs, that look as if they were asking to be cut off 😉 (they are part of the floor, right under the suspension arms). There is 2…

Maverick Strada TC Evo – nasz nowy projekt!

New year – new project! 🙂 This time we are planning to change a budget touring rig, that Maverick Strada TC Evo is, into something different 😉 As you can see, there was more in the package from Maverick RC / HPI Racing, than only the car – we’ll talk about it on different ocassion 😉 Let’s focus on Strada only 🙂 When we say budget, we mean budget – for a fair amount of money, you get a Ready-To-Run car – with radio, battery and charger. And it’s waterproof, too 🙂 Why did we choose Strada? Because when you put it next to RCs from other companies (from the same level, of course), it wins in price-to-quality/equipment comparison. A few examples: ball bearings instead of plastic bushing aluminium driveshaft steal dogbones fully adjustable suspension linkages and servo links oil-filled shocks (very smooth and nice if I may say so…