After accidentally burning my previous winch, I needed a new one for my #ten2truggy.

I was sure I want to get one based on a servo, as from my experience so far, they are the strongest and work best. Thanks to Amain Hobbies I have a chance to test this one – Powershift Servo Winch.

It is based on a low profile servo and is “Plug and Tug”, which basically means that you don’t need to do much with it to make it work. 😉 All you need to do is to have spare 3-position channel on your radio and solder two cables to the battery. Easy!

It has 200 ounces of power and .11 transit speed. It also includes 250 pound winch line with a machined winch hook

    • Includes 250lbs winch line and machined winch hook
    • Includes “Plug & Tug” winch controller
    • .11 transit time
    • 200oz of torque
    • weight 55g
    • waterproof
    • dimentions 40.5 x 20.3 x 28mm

Powershift RC Technologies PST-300 Servo Winch is available at:

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