As I wanted to have a winch in this project, I’ve decided to change the front bumper from plastic to metal one. My choice was “TOUGH ARMOR STUBBY FRONT BUMPER TO FIT AXIAL SCX10” from RC4WD, as it fits the winch I wanted perfectly 🙂 And looks pretty good, too 😉

I also wanted to have a rear bumper, so I made some cutting on the “old” front bumper as you can see below.

I also had to make two more holes to be able to fit it better in the back.

I think it looks really nice 🙂

After adjusting bumpers, there was time for the winch and winch’s control unit (that I had to order from other place, as CKRC had it out of stock. Fortunately our good buddy Martin from RC Bitz had it :D).

I wanted this exact winch as it has it’s counterpart in 1:1 scale 🙂 and I wanted to be able to operate it from my app, that’s why I decided not to choose the control unit with the pilot.

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