On November 10th, 2018, we’ve driven in our first RC rally competition – to say we had fun would be an understatement 😀

Event’s name was “10. Rajd Warszawski – RLM” (“10th Warsaw Rally – RLM”) and was organized by Rajdowa Liga Mazowsza. We went with two of our friends – Nassin RC and Michał from Artful Dodgers Design. As it was first time for all of us, we were “competing” amongs our 4. And “competing” is a funny way to call it 😉

Michał just bought his car, Błażej was driving Tamiya TT-01 that could “die” any moment, I was driving RC rally car maybe for the 3rd time in my life 😛 To be honest only Nassin RC could say he had “some” experience as he has small, 8-shaped track at home and was driving his car before many times.

We were not really competing, for obvious reasons, but if you wonder how we did, here is the list of laps and times of our 4:

You can find full chart here -> CLICK

Take a look at some of the pictures one of our friends took at the spot 🙂

We are already looking for next season (and what to do with our cars to make them drive better 😉 ). We’ll keep you posted with our RC rally adventure 🙂 So – stay tuned! 😀