You already know how we painted my drift car, and you’ve already seen it’s new wheels, but we’ve thought you migh want to know, what they are exactly (and why we chose them 😉 ).

At first we chose the rims (Super Rim Black And Blue Marguerite). We saw them for the first time some time before getting the Sakura. We thought they looked awesome. We were also curious, how would they work – the fact that you can choose one of 3 positions to set the offset is pretty cool. And, as it turned out later, they are almost in the same color, as we painted the body 😉

It wasn’t so easy with the tires. So far, I know close to nothing about drift tires, so we asked Chris for help. We wanted tires that will allow us to drive outside on concrete. They are Speedline CG-1 52x26mm Medium Drift Tires For Cement Track #551.

We set 5mm offset, to make it work with the body. At first it was 5mm on the back and 2mm on the front, but it didn’t look good.

I have nothing against the original wheels – I just wanted different set to fit better with the painting of the Mustang, that I had in my mind 😉

Parts we used:

Super Rim Black And Blue Marguerite 2pcs Set (PART: #TT/TT-7577 on
Speedline CG-1 52x26mm Medium Drift Tires For Cement Track #551 (4 pcs) (PART: #SL/551 on

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