When we were ordering Low profile skid for my TF2 from Helios RC, we also put in the card a 1/100 scale Honcho for Sandra (as she is CRAZY about her #TheMightyHoncho 🙂 ).

I’m not gonna lie – we are suckers when it comes to scale accessories! And this tiny rig is like a cherry on top of a sundae 😀

As you can see, Honcho was not enough 😉 We also needed a scale box and radio, to match tiny RC. Maybe printing of the box is not amazing, but still – it looks great in a scale garage 🙂


Honcho 1/100 Scale by Helios RC (you can find it here -> Helios RC Shapeways)

1/100 Miniature Cardboard Axial Honcho Box (PART: #TSH/SRW-BOX07 on asiatess.com)

Axial Style Radio Transmitter (PART: #TSH/TSH-TX01 on asiatess.com)

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