Links – not “that” interesting, but there is some changes worth noticing 🙂

M4, not M3

SCX10 II links are size M4, not M3. At first I thought I’ll be able to change rod ends to ones from Traxxas (5347). But! Traxxas’ are about 2mm shorter, so washers are needed to fit them perfectly (at least with straight ones). With bended rod ends there is even more “fun”.

Plastic ball studs

Ball studs are made of plastic, not metal. The ones from Traxxas are just a little bit to small and get into the hole to easily.

To soft rod ends

Rod ends ended to be way to soft (just take a look at the picture above).


As we mentioned in the previous post [CLICK], you can’t mount servo at the axle – space for it is at the frame. That’s why there’s a need to use Panhard. And here comes another downfall by Axial.. But we’ll write about it later 😉

Screwing the screws takes forever

To mount upper links you need not only tools, but also endless amount of patience or drill.. Screw thread is tiny and screwing it in takes forever. I’m bigger fan of the old way, where you put screw into a hole and secure it with a nut on the other side.

Of course downfalls of SCX10 II links that I wrote here about are not the end of the World and everyone, that had anything to do with RC will take care of them easily. But it doesn’t change the fact, that when you spent a good money for new rig, small things like that are annoying.

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