Even before we got our SCX10 II we knew, we’re gonna get rid of it’s stock body immidiately 😉

Don’t get us wrong – it is pretty epic! But waaaaaay to big for what we wanted this rig to be. So we said our goodbyes and switched to something totally different 😉

Our choice was front part of Tamiya Toyota Hilux hard body that would be a base for a truggy. #ten2truggy to be precise 😉

As you can see even that was not enough 😉 and we decided to.. hm.. work a bit on it 😉 Actually Sandra did – she spent on it a good few hours cutting and sanding the edges to make it perfect. And it turned out perfect 🙂

Also used back panel from my Trail Finder 2, that was laying around doing nothing really 😉

We also did something to the grill, but we’ll write more about it next time 😉

Parts we used:

Miscellaneous All Toyota Hilux Front Body Part by Tamiya (PART: #TAMIYA/19335487 on atees.com)


Length: 245mm
Width: 176mm
Height: 132mm

Miscellaneous All Tamiya W Parts Front Grill Toyota Hilux High-Lift by Tamiya (PART: #TAMIYA/19225138 on atees.com)

Miscellaneous All L Panel Stay For Tamiya Hilux 58312/58397 by Tamiya (PART: #TAMIYA/14305048 on atees.com)

Miscellaneous All Tamiya T Parts Front Windscreen Toyota Hilux High-Lift by Tamiya (PART: #TAMIYA/19225104 on atees.com)

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