This is how my #ten2truggy looked like at the end of summer 2016. It looks quite different now, but I thought you might want to take close look at it, when it was clean and freshly painted.

Because it’s a hard bdy, we used a simple, light grey undercoat that we bought in a big can in.. construction store. It’s cheaper this way and after about 6 months I can say, it was a good choice.

We painted side of the rig also with paint from the same store. It was drying for sooooo long… But it finally stopped being sticky and works just fine. “Hilux 78-83” is written with silver permanent marker.

Sandra painted seals with PlastiDip. In my opinion they turned out very realistic – it’s kind of a liquid rubber after all.

I look at these pictures and thinking “oh God, how different #ten2truggy looks like now!”. It’s insane how much we did to it since August! Stay tuned for next post, where we’ll show what else we did to it!

Parts we used:

Miscellaneous All Toyota Hilux Front Body Part by Tamiya (PART: #TAMIYA/19335487 on


Length: 245mm
Width: 176mm
Height: 132mm

Miscellaneous All Tamiya W Parts Front Grill Toyota Hilux High-Lift by Tamiya (PART: #TAMIYA/19225138 on

Miscellaneous All L Panel Stay For Tamiya Hilux 58312/58397 by Tamiya (PART: #TAMIYA/14305048 on

Miscellaneous All Tamiya T Parts Front Windscreen Toyota Hilux High-Lift by Tamiya (PART: #TAMIYA/19225104 on

Black liquid PlastiDip

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