Welcome to our new, improved website! 🙂

If you follow us from the beginning, you may remember our very first blog -> rc-nennox.blogspot.com . It was way before we met any other RC maniac and we couldn’t expect how this hobby will change everything for us. That blog was a place, where we wrote about our first ever real RC car – my beloved HPI Racing Sprint 2, that I was converting into a RWD drifter right before MST released their first FXX – back then available only in VIP version.

We were posting there (not to regularly 😛 ) for over a year from May 4th, 2013, to August 14th, 2014. And than, I think it was around the end of October/beginning of November 2014, we’ve decided to switch to different platform, start publishing more and, as most of the people that followed our growing Instagram and Facebook profiles were not from Poland, make English the main language of the website.

Since the first post at the end of November that year, till today, a lot has happened. For the last months we posted here close to nothing, as other things were more important. But now, we are back 🙂 And our “5 questions to:..” will be back (every Wednesday since beginning of 2018). And you’ll be able to follow here our new projects, read reviews of parts, check out awesome rigs, that came to Warsaw Weekend Meetings – and more!

Prepare yourselves for even more RC Nennox in your lives 😉 with new post 3-4 times a week in 2018!

Well, that’s it for now I guess 🙂 We have some more stuff to do with the website before the end of the year 😉

Stay tuned! And most of all – have fun RCing! 🙂

Sandra & Nennox