If you are looking for a winch controller with a remote – you found it! 🙂

Thanks to this small device, a simple BoomRacing winch, that we mounted in Sandra’s Honcho, works way better than before. First of all – it doesn’t lose reach (what was a pain). Second – and that’s probably because of resolving the reaching problem – it seems to be much stronger. Honcho weights around 4kg, so we can tell the difference easily 🙂 Other thing – you don’t have to worry that you are short of channels on your radio – you just don’t need a spare one for your winch anymore 🙂

Winch controller that you can see on the pictures is a prototype – Paweł (it’s maker, that we got to know about thanks to our friend rafal-waw) is working on some cool stuff to add to it 🙂 Stay tuned for info about the final product! 🙂

If you’d be interested in getting one for yourself

contact Pawel via email psa60@wp.pl or phone +48 791 240 554.

You can also find his other products on Allegro (CLICK)