WSW weekend of RC fun – REGISTRATION

WSW weekend of RC fun is an event mostly for owners of scale / trail electric RC cars in 1:10 scale. We’re gonna spend 3 days (September, 28th-30th this year) in JuraPark – Bałtowski Kompleks Turystyczny having tons of fun with our RCs 🙂 We’ve created for you 5 classes in 2 versions – “adult” and “Kids”, for drivers from 0 to 11 years old (including 11).

Many details ate still top secret, but basics look like this:

FRIDAY, 28.09

12:00 start

– registration

– drift (HappyApe RC)

– mix of challenges

17:00 that’s all for today

18:00 integration dinner at Bałtowski Zapiecek


8:00 opening of the tent

– registration

– voting

– group picture

11:00 start of OFFmania RC

18:00 the end – bring back your driver’s card! 🙂

20:00 ending ceremony 😉

~21:00 night trail

SUNDAY, 30.09

9:00 opening of the tent

– teams registration

10:00 start of OFFmania RC Team Challenge

15:00 the end – give back your team’s card! 🙂

16:00 ending ceremony 😉

Adventure / Adventure Kids – REALISTIC
  • wheels max 1.9, at least a bit under the body
  • front and back bumpers
Extreme / Extreme Kids – MODIFIED
  • wheels max 2.2
  • truggy, tube frame, cut body etc

Truck / Truck Kids – TRUCKS AND OTHER 6X6, 8X8 etc

  • wheels max 2.2
  • wheels max 2.2
  • width max 320mm
  • examples: Wraith, Bomber, Yeti, GOM, Twin Hammers, Scout

Open / Open Kids – OTHERS

cars that don’t fit in other classes, IF:

  • you contact us before registration!
  • wheels max 2.2 with scale trail tires
  • width max 320mm
  • RC cars other than trail, that are modified to be able to participate in the event, if they won’t ruin the courses (f.e. fast rigs like bashers can’t participate)
  • if you have “RC car from supermarket” with the right wheels or tank that is max 320mm wide, you can drive – that’s your choice. But we worry they won’t work to well on the courses

If you have doubts to which class your RC fit, contact us – we’ll be more than happy to help 🙂

How to register?
  1. Go through the list of classes and choose the one that you fit best into
  2. Send registration email to address:  Write in it your NAME, AGE, CLASS, NICK and COUNTRY you come from. If you send money with paypal from different email address – let us know about it!
  3. If you choose one of the classes from 12 yo, pay registration fee (bank account: Sandra Frej  /  PL 54 1090 1694 0000 0001 2240 5139  /  BIC (SWIFT) WBKPPLPP, PayPal – )
  4. Your NICK and CLASS will appear on the registered drivers list HERE (CLICK), when all steps of registration are completed and registration fee is received (it may take 1-2 days if you pay with transfer). List will be updated at least few times a week
  5. REMEMBER that we need to be able to put together the money you sent with your email!

It’s ~24€ for adults and ~6€ for 12-17 y.o. drivers. When you send driver’s fee do so in PLN please 🙂

You’ll find all updates about WSW Weekend of RC fun in the event’s page on Facebook here -> KLIK